Brie’n Miller

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures” – Lovelle Drachman

Agent Contact

Greetings! My name is Brie’n and I am from a small town in NW Washington state. I love nothing more than to collect passport stamps. I am a self diagnosed Harry Potterhead, a DisNerd, and a wannabe ExPat. I cry every time I walk through the turnstiles  and up to Main Street USA, and I nothing excites me more than planning a European adventure. One of the best compliments I have ever received was from someone that doesn’t usually travel. They bravely agreed to tag along to Disneyland with me. Once the trip was over, he said “ I don’t think we could have done that any better”. After that trip I knew, I need to help others have that exact feeling. I know there are many different ways to Travel. Some like to pack all of the sights in, see everything, do everything. Some like to take it slow, and relax. However, and where ever you want to go. Let me help make it the best trip of your lifetime.
There is a moment when you step off of a plane in a new location, that is truly unlike anything else. Everything around you is different, and unknown. That is when your heart becomes brave, and wild. When you find that adventurous spirit that may have been hidden for a while. You take another step, and the nervousness will start to fade, and with each step you will discover just how big this world really is, and now you have seen another piece of it.
Specializes in:
Disney Vacations , European Travel, Road Trips, Hawaii