Lauren Fritts

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My name is Lauren and I’m a proud Disney Addict.
No matter how old I am or how many times I’ve gone, it all starts when I hear the music. The air that was once polluted by car horns, angry parents, and crying children, seems to have cleared as the perfect upbeat melodies slowly make its way into my ears. Slow in the beginning just warming you up only to get faster and faster over time. Filling you with excitement and anticipation. Each pop in the music means a pop in my step and with each step, reality is farther and farther behind me… where it belongs. Then I stop once I realize there are no more steps to take…I realize when the music surrounds me how Pooh Bear hands surround a honey jar…When my heart races like Lightening McQueen towards a finish line…When I squeeze my Husband’s hand a little too tight while I jump and squeal with excitement as my big brown eyes glisten like Cinderella’s Slipper under the moonlight, I realize…I am Home.

If you couldn’t tell by now…Disney is my happy place and I can’t wait to help you make it yours too!

I became a travel agent to help people like you not only plan vacations, but to help create lasting magical memories. Planning vacations can be overwhelming and even stressful which is why it is my goal to make your vacation planning hassle free and most importantly, an enjoyable experience.

When it comes to planning a Disney Vacation, being an annual passholder comes in handy! Being a passholder means I’ve learned the in’s and outs. The secrets not so well known to the public, and I have personal experience to share with you to insure you get the most out of this magical vacation.

But don’t forget all of your other dream vacation destinations! I can help you with those too! So forget all of your worries and Hakuna Matata! Stop dreaming about those unforgettable memories you want to make and let’s start planning some magic!