Madeline Louise Myhre

Adventure is out there!

Agent Contact

Hi there,

My name is Madeline, and I’ve been a tour guide for the past eight years in various locations, and a tour operations manager in Savannah, Georgia for the past two. From a young age, I found that I had a knack for sharing my own passions with others, and becoming a tour guide early on helped me develop my communication skills and later work to run and manage a private company.

I recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, earning my BFA in both Historic Preservation and Architectural History. During my time in school, I was able to study independently in both France and Italy, and love traveling and meeting people from all around the world. While I work to restore wooden architectural heritage in Louisiana, I also foster a love for Disney that I acquired many years ago. I’ve gone to Disney World around nine times, and Disney Land around four. I’ve also joined in on other Disney excursions and cruises throughout my years. It’s only natural that with my love for Disney and my experience in tourism and travel, a fusion was created in the form of working as a Travel Agent specializing in Disney.

While I specialize in Disney, I am equipped to help you with many of your vacation and booking needs including Universal Studios tickets and lodging, car rentals, etc. Contact me and we can set up a consultation to discuss your upcoming adventures and how I can get involved in making your trip personalized, magical, and most importantly; stress-free.