Stephanie Garcia-Colby

I am a Disney fanatic and Universal Adventurer. I live to share the fun and excitement of memorable experiences!

Agent Contact

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am a planning addict who just loves to make your special getaway fantastic! My journey in the travel industry is that I enjoy helping anyone and everyone find a destination that meets their dreams. I always ask clients what are their interests. Planning a destination can be limitless with so many options to meet. I have learned that a client can tell you a lot of what they are wanting in just a few simple words. So, if your a Disney fan then your in luck, I am the Specialist to contact. I have been to Disney a numerous amount of times and know all the tricks and savings there is to offer! I have over 20 years experience with Disney Parks and Universal Parks! I am also available to help with any other vacation ideas as well! From cruises to adventures to business trips to anything you want! Family vacations are my specialty as I am a mom to 1 and loves to travel. I can help with anything and everything from travel expenses to hotels, dining and transportation and much more! The moment of you starting your magical getaway is just a email and phone call away! Just let me know!