Jill Moran

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I’m a Wife, a Mom, a Lollie & Travel Advisor, all rolled into one. On top of that, I love to Cruise!! Who doesn’t like going to bed in Spain and waking up to breakfast in bed in France? Don’t forget going to lots of destinations and only having to unpack once! Have you been to Alaska? It is our last frontier and everyone should go at least once!

Maybe cruising isn’t your thing – I also plan European vacations, all inclusive’s or some thing else. Let me know where you want to go and I will help make it happen. My specialty is making sure that you and your family have the best vacation possible, with me taking care of the details leaving you to have fun and make memories.

Do you know you already pay for a Travel Advisor?

Travel destinations and entertainment venues like Disney, Universal, and cruise lines build a Travel Advisor’s fee into their product, whether you choose to use one or not! If you utilize my knowledge, expertise, and customer service, it doesn’t cost you a penny more! In fact, what I know and can do can actually SAVE you money!

The difference between booking a trip on your own or through a Travel Advisor is unparalleled service. Carnival Cruises won’t call you after you book and tell you that they now offer a lower rate, but I will be watching for you! Disney won’t notify you that they’re offering free dining, but I will!

As a Travel Advisor, I am an extra pair of eyes for you! While you are busy with work, bills, cooking, laundry, and everything else you do, I’m searching for a better deal, with your best interest at heart.

You pay an expert to cut your hair or replace your transmission — so why wouldn’t you hire an expert to plan your vacation?