Tara Schoenfeld

Family vacations are memories that are created…the kind that last a lifetime!

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Greetings!!  My name is Tara Schoenfeld and my first trip to Walt Disney World was in 1990 when I was 21 years old.  That is when my love for Disney began.

There is just something so magical about Disney that you can only understand by experiencing it yourself.  Whether it is the visual views of Main Street that lead to the castle, the emotionally charged music, the characters, the wonderful smells, or just the cleanliness of the parks and the hospitality of the employees….it is like you are transported into a different world that instantly feels like home.

I now have two wonderful children and since I didn’t experience any of the Disney Parks until I was an adult, it is really wonderful to see my children and how everything is so magical through their eyes.

I truly believe that taking family vacations is something that every family should get to experience.  It is where memories can be created….the kind that last a lifetime!

With my personal knowledge of Disney, my passion for travel, and my life long career with helping people, I can help you to choose the right options to make your next vacation truly “Magical”!