Kristen Cassidy

travel, trust and pixie dust. that’s what you get with me.

Agent Contact

Hi My name is Kristen Cassidy. As a six year old little girl I walked into the magic kingdom for the first time and got on my first attraction the Walt Disney World rail Road. I was so excited and in love that I said to my mother “I’m going to work here so day” and that’s what I did. I went to college to study travel and tourism and hotel management. well going to college I got the opportunity to do the Walt Disney World College Program. So I want to Orlando and worked and worked Walt Disney World for a year. In the end I moved to Orlando to finish up College and worked in the parks for five years on the Walt Disney world Rail Road of the things i loved to do well as a cast member was to talk to people and fined out about where they where from. In the end I got the Disney bug and there was no going back for me.

After finishing school I moved pack to Boston to start my life after Graduation. I know wanted to us my experience and and vast Disney knowledge in some way. so that is what I give to you. so like I say travel trust and pixie dust in what you get from me.