Haunted Mansion In Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion attraction and all it’s secrets!

One of Walt’s attraction projects that resides in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom parks.

This review is mostly over the Magic Kingdom attraction.

We will start with the queue.

Fair warning, please skip over the reads if you don’t want spoilers. Will note ‘spoiler’ if you want to skip those parts.

This queue has so much trivia fun finds within it to help entertain you while waiting!

The busts are the first story to encounter is a riddle, a Murder Mystery to figure out.

Here sits a series of busts each with a very short marker noting their demise.

The trivia is to figure out who started the murder spree!

For the main clue, you have to look at the full sculpture (even from the back of them).

If you want to work out on your own, do not read below.

In order of passing with their clue markers.

Uncle Jacob: the first to go “Killed with poison he swallowed”.

Bertie: who has the bottle of poison that did in Uncle Jacob.

“Avid hunter with an expert shot in the end that’s what he got”.

Aunt Florence: She has a gun on her marker – used to do in Bertie for revenge of her husband (Jacob).

“Found face down in canary Seed” .

The Twins: They have a bird on their marker which leads them to be Aunt Florence’s killers, “identical bumps on their heads”.

Cousin Maude: she has the hammer on her marker-cause of demise to the twins. “night her dreams went up in smoke”

So how exactly does Maude meet her demise? If you look closely at the back of her head, she used matches to hold her hair up. A common practice to use items found to pin hair back in that era. Unfortunately, she did herself in on accident while sleeping.

We have an organ platform-touchable wall-touch on the instruments to hear their eerie tunes. ‘spoiler’.

On top of the organ sits a crow, the crow is not just for haunted mansion, but it also represents the crow from Sleeping Beauty! You also see this crow throughout the attraction. Play the keys to make music and create fun mist if you play enough!

The fisherman who sits in the tub! Watch out, he may squirt water on you. Who am I kidding, it could feel so good in the heat!

Not too much of a spoiler with this one. You can barely make out the sailor singing and gurgling. He will leak water-so watch out for some sprays.

Use your fingers to plug some of the holes but the water will shoot out other holes!

Next up is the stone library. Notice many of the books have symbols on certain ones. Do you wonder why? You should.

There is a secret message found if you can decipher it!

‘Spoiler’ click HERE to see what the secret message is.

Watch the book located on back side of this stone library. A secret message will appear if you follow the directions!

Look around the queue path grounds, near the fisherman. You should be able to find the wedding ring belonging to Constantine.

Here is the real story, there was metal pole that was cut. When this was cut, it looked just like a wedding ring. The queue was redone many years ago but since this ring such a ‘thing’, they placed another one back in there! You should also see some beautiful gems left in the path as well. The treasures from left from the mansion residents.

Before entering the mansion – look over the cemetery to see the grave markers! They have such entertaining headstones!

Ok, now we are entering the Mansion being led into the Foyer. The fun portrait over the fireplace changes letting you know this is no ordinary mansion.

There are two stretching rooms, one located on each side of the fireplace from foyer.

Time to enter the stretching room!

Is the room really stretching? Yes it is! In Magic Kingdom the ceiling is being raised!

In Disneyland – you are sinking-like an elevator going down.

Everyone is asked to go to the center of the room! Stay away from the walls.

Well, you can do this but I don’t really recommend it. It is good to be in the center so you can see all the fun portraits.

For those who have seen them enough and wants a better queue placement then get closest to the wall under the tightrope ballerina. You can also see a little red light on the wall panel, this is where the door opens leading you to the attraction loading zone. This is where you want to be to get ahead of the herd you are in.

I like how they created this ‘rush’ of herd trying to squeeze back to a single person line but I hate that push and pressure feeling more.

The queue starts with a large space that narrows down to just standard line of true guest placement. It then only opens back up to a large mass area only to go back to funneling to single line again. This creates some stress and pressure by guests in finding their placement. I did learn the queue was created this way on purpose to create the ‘stress’ to keep in themeing of entering a haunted mansion. Here is my advice on how to handle this line the best one can! Move into any open space (they tell you to) and you should!

Once you enter the main entrance of the building, just stay in the center preferably in front of the portrait over the fireplace.

Once you enter the stretching chamber, depending on what side you enter you need to immediately head towards the hidden door.

How do you know which door this will be? It’s fairly simple. There are two stretching rooms. Left side of Fireplace & one on the right side of fireplace. If you enter the left chamber, go towards right inner wall. Vice versa if entering right chamber. You should see a very little red light. Keep in mind, don’t stand against or too close to the wall!

Once you see ‘the other way out’ (little experience) the hidden door of the chamber room will open. Head out, grab hands or shirts and book it. Stay closest to left side of hall once out of stretching room while walking down corridor. This huge cattle push will keep narrowing down into left which you are already. This puts you ahead of the game (as much as possible). It also seems to be slightly less stressful to me. I have a diagram below to see it laid out a little better!

Don’t forget to find a hidden Mickey! In the ballroom on the table, you should pay attention to the plates!

If you look in the pet cemetery, you will find an ode to Thaddeus Toad!