Walt Disney Presents Review


I love this place. It shows some of Walt’s childhood artifacts, his growth through the years and models of what is to come.  It serves as a mini museum. There is so much here to look through. All pieces in there are the original artifacts from Walt’s life. There is a short film presentation located in the far back right of center. This film short usually shows trailers for upcoming movies. This film changes quite a bit so always take a peek to see what may be playing. A Character Meet and Greets is located here in the far back of center. Currently, this section is closed until full re-opening phases are complete. I love seeing the models showing what is coming. The models are still of Galaxy Edge – these are the original models used to create the design of this land. The detail is just amazing. In the past, they used to offer a secret quiz. You could ask a cast member about it. If you succeed in the quiz, you were awarded a certificate. I am not sure if this will come back or not. I seem to learn something new on each walk through.

Posted by Jamie Dotson.